050031, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty, Tole bi, d. 291/1

Development strategy and mission

Our mission:

We are constructors and our mission is to construct. 

With thousands of established professionals on our payroll, we are contributing our vast expertise in industrial and infrastructure building to the innovative economic development projects in order to perform programs initiated by President Nursultan A. Nazarbayev. With this view we are open to co-operation in various investment projects.

Yevgeniy G. Yezhikov-Babakhanov
Chairman of The Board of Directors of JS Company “Montazhspetsstroy”


Our principle is to direct Company’s activity to the participation in innovative economic development projects in order to perform program initiated by President Nursultan A. Nazarbayev. This program is related to the development of Kazakhstan as powerful, independent and industrial state.


Our basic strategy is a leader strategy. Aim of our Company is to be the best company involved in construction of various industrial complexes and infrastructure facilities. The formula for success of our work is the following: individual and flexible customer approach, construction management on the basis of advanced international practices, well - organized interaction between all organization departments of Company, use of capabilities, knowledge and experience in construction sector!

Our priorities are:

  • Ensure safe, healthy work environment and well-being of the Company’s personnel involved in production and management activity.

  • Apply advanced methods on construction management arrangement at wide-spread implementation of progressive technologies of building-and-assembly jobs.

  • Apply clear and “transparent” actions in order to establish mutually beneficial and long-term partnership with investors, suppliers of construction services and materials.