050031, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty, Tole bi, d. 291/1

Social policy

Company has been leading dynamic social activity for many years. Taking care of its own well-being and well-being of its personnel, the Company suggests to all employees the full social package of services, providing improvement of life and work quality. Also, the Company pays attention and cooperates with organizations and regions’ residents, where it carries its activity. So, during construction performance, the Company creates new working places, attracting local resources.

For the last 8 years 5 subsidiary organizations that provided employment of 3 000 people of different specialties were established in Atyrau region. Total personnel number, having attracted to works performance, reached 9 000 people in peaking periods of works on the project.

For its employees Company offers the following package of social services, but not limited to:

  • market premiums, year-end bonuses, long-service awards;
  • medical benefits added to annual leave;
  • material aid  in connection with baby birth or loss of close relatives;
  • financial incentives for local employees;
  • provision of free accommodation and food for employees that work on rotational basis;
  • daily transportation of workers to the place of work from places of rest between shifts during rotational work.
  • payment of tickets to the location of permanent residence of workers during rest between shifts;
  • annual medical examination that is provided on free of charge basis;
  • annual personnel’s  vaccination.




In performing the construction directly in regions the Company pays great attention to comfortable conditions of as its own personnel so subcontracting organizations accommodation. Today the Company has builders’ temporary rotation camps for 1 752 places and canteens for 1 900 seats.





It becomes traditional for the Company to provide charitable and sponsor aid to different public funds and organizations, among them:

  • Kazakhstan builders association;
  • “Legal order” public fund;
  • Veterans board in “KOMEK” office;
  • Atyrau invalids’ regional society;
  • Children home – “Ark” establishment
  • Students’ detachment Kazakhstan staff and others.

Arrangements for prevention of Children’s traffic accident coincided with the Children’s Day were made on June 1, 2015 in Aksai city. The employees of JS Company Montazhspetsstroy together with local government authorities and KPO’s Road Safety Department in Aksai were fully engaged in preparation and execution of the event.


The Company doesn’t forget of its employees who are retired.

Charitable fund, rendering financial aid to pensioners, is established in the Company. But pensioners, being Company shareholders, take active part in society management. Nowadays most of them are working in offices as well as directly on construction sites, sharing their rich experience with young generation.