050031, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty, Tole bi, d. 291/1

Production capabilities, machinery and equipment

JS Company "Montazhspetsstroy" owns the Production Base in Almaty, the total area of which is 2,1621 hectare.

The following facilities are located at the production base territory:

  • office premises - 11380 m2;
  • production facilities - 3840 m2;
  • warehouse premises - 2400 m2.

Production of wiring and blank parts for Instrumentation / Telecommunication and non-standard items and parts, if necessary, to perform building and assembly jobs is carried out at the production base facilities.

In order to perform works under the signed contracts, Company builds temporary production bases close to the facilities being in the construction process in a relatively short time.

JS Company "Montazhspetsstroy" possesses the industrial base the total area of which is 49 995.0m2 (plus the site the area of which is 50 000.0m2 that is planned to extend the industrial base, currently it is used as a storage area) located near Karabatan station, Atyrau province, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The following production facilities are located at the territory of the industrial base:

  • Office buildings, area 842.6 m2;
  • Prefabrication shop, area 756.0 m2;
  • Steelwork painting shop, area 972.0 m2;
  • Concrete product fabrication shop, area 432.0 m2;
  • Warehouses and storage areas, total area of which is 53686.0 m2;
  • Batching plant, capacity 60 m3/hour.

From January, 2013 JS Company "Montazhspetsstroy" constructs a new industrial base in Aksai city. The total area of land parcel allocated for industrial base construction which is fully owned by MSS is 39 700 m2. It is intended to locate the following production facilities at the territory of the industrial base:

  • Office building, area 480 m2;
  • Prefabrication shop;
  • Painting shop;
  • Welders training class;
  • Warehouses and storage areas.

JS Company "Montazhspetsstroy" completed construction of the necessary industrial base facilities and the relevant infrastructure near Aktau, close to the construction site at Dunga Field. Total area of the land parcel is 8 600m2. The following production facilities are located within the base territory, but not limited to:

  • Mobile office building, area is 421.3 m2;
  • Warehouses and storage areas, total area is 3765.6 m2;
  • Operating space, total area is 2513.1 m2;
  • Pre-assembly territory, area is 900m2;
  • Mobile concrete plant ELKON MOBILE MASTER-30, capacity - 30 m3/hour.

For performance of building and assembly jobs at Projects Company possesses more than 546 units of special equipment, machinery and automobile transport.