050031, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty, Tole bi, d. 291/1

Construction and installation works

State license ГСЛ № 000021, I Category, entitles Company to perform all types of building and assembly jobs. Company performs these activities using its own resources by means of its technical and engineering personnel and responsible offices in the quantity of 250 people, with work experience from 6 to 50 years.

Company is equipped with all necessary building and construction technologies, machinery, special instrument and control devices, RoK regulatory documentation and international standards. Basic activities are given below:

  • Civil Works, including earth works, reinforced structures, installation of monolithic  foundations, etc.;
  • Erection of steelworks including different steel floating-roof storage tanks with working capacity of 80 000 m 3;
  • Installation of industrial and trunk pipelines, equipment piping, including welding, non-destructive control, thermal treatment and other associated activities. Installation of fiberglass pipelines;
  • Installation of static and rotating equipment, including pumps, compressors and tanks for different purposes with capacity more than 1 000 m3 and weight up to 400 t, unit plants, hoisting equipment and etc.;
  • Protection of building structures, pipelines and equipment, including surface preparation and painting of structures, thermal/cold isolation, anodic and cathodic protection, etc.;
  • Electrical works, including installation of tray structures, laying of aboveground and underground cables (inc. trunk cables), installation of electrical equipment of any complexity. 
  • Works related to Instrumentation, telecommunication, Fire and Gas system, including cable installation (Fiber-optic cable), calibration and installation of instruments, equipment, etc.
  • Installation of HVAC systems, including air-duct of different section, special-purpose equipment, etc.