050031, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty, Tole bi, d. 291/1

Design activities

Company has the Statutory license No 000021, I Category, and necessary engineering personnel with higher technical education for performance of design activities as well as required technical equipment, software, RoK regulatory base and required international standards.

These resources enable Company to perform design work by its own forces, including:

  • Design of buildings, facilities, communications of production, residential and civil buildings.
  • Structural design and engineering of bases and foundations, concrete end reinforced structures.
  • Engineering of external and internal heating systems, ventilation, air conditioning; cold and hot water supply and sewage; installation of radios and telephones; fire-alarm and security-alarm; design of manufacturing process automation, including instrument control devices; electrical lighting systems, power supply; main oil pipelines, gas pipelines and steel structures.
  • Development of Special Project sections on Labor protection, arrangement of corrosion protection, arrangement of lightning protection, automation, fire and security alarm, fire-extinguishing and fire-protection systems, preparing of estimated documentation and projects of construction organization/work production plans.
  • Production engineering for power and processing industry, mast and tower type structures, local communication lines, radio and telecommunications, automobile roads of all types.