291/1, Tole bi str., 050031,
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan


1. Rotational work at Tengiz field:

  • Piping Engineer
  • Welding Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Safety Engineer
  • Engineer, Production & Technical Dpt.
  • Procurement Engineer
  • Translator (English/Russian)


  • Higher vocational education, work experience in construction minimum 3 years.

2. Position in Almaty:

  • Lead Design Engineer, Structural Steel/Detailed Structural Steel, work experience minimum 3 years.

3. Project Management Team in Atyrau is looking for the following specialists (on a rotation basis):

Weld Examination / NDT Inspector
1. Secondary professional education, valid qualification certificates in accordance with AWS, ASNT, NACE, API International standards, applicable to position discipline.
2. Work experience as Site Inspector shall be minimum six (6) years, including, at least, three (3) years experience as Third Party Inspector in a certain field or processes the further activity will be associated with.
3. Knowledge of existing industry-specific standards, specifications, work practices, and experience in various types of inspections with minimum supervision, in order to verify the compliance with the requirements.
4. Skills in design drawings interpretation.
5. Candidate shall be aware of and understand ISO 9001 standard “Quality Management Systems – Requirements”.
6. Inspector shall comply with the minimum requirements on each specific discipline:
1) Be a certified Weld Examination specialist Cat. 3.1 or 3.2 in line with AWS, CWI, CSWIP standards or equivalent requirements approved by Company.
2) Have experience and knowledge of standards such as ANSIB 31.3, 31.4 and 31.8, ASME Section V and IX, API 620 and 590, AWSD1.1 required for work performance.
3) In case the scope of work provides for a series of NDT, the employees must:
a) have valid Level II or III ISO9712 certificates on relevant work practices. In addition, Contractor arranges minimum knowledge assessment on the applicable practice and test of technical skills of the employees certified according to ISO 97812. Regular re-certification is provided for on the basis of repeated tests. Personnel involved in inspection, assessment and quality examination of NDT in the form of visual testing, magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant examination, X-ray or ultrasonic inspection must be competent in a certain type of procedure.
b) have relevant RTFI qualification (Radiographic Test Result Interpretation).


e-mail: kadry@mcc.kz

tel.: +7(727) 268-0350