291/1, Tole bi str., 050031,
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Construction and installation works

State License GSL No 000021, Category I qualifies the Company for performance of any construction and installation activities. The Company carries out such works by own forces using engineers, technical personnel and coordinators, more than 250 employees in total, work experience 6 to 50 years.

The Company has necessary construction equipment, machinery, facilities to carry out works, including special instrumentation, RoK regulatory data base and International standards.

Main activities include:

  • civil works, including earthwork, reinforced structures, installation of mass-type foundations and others;
  • erection of steel structures of all kinds, including steel tanks up to 80 000 m3 with floating roofs; Installation of trunk and process pipelines, pipework, including welding, non-destructive testing, heat treatment and other related operations. Installation of fiberglass piping;
  • installation of static and dynamic equipment including pumps, compressors, tanks of various types with capacity 1 000 m3 and more, weight up to 400 tonnes, package units, lifting equipment, etc.
  • protection of structures, pipelines and equipment, including surface preparation and structural painting, heat and cold insulation, cathodic/anodic protection and others;
  • electrical works, including installation of tray systems, aboveground and underground cabling of different types, including main cable, installation of electrical equipment of any types;
  • instrumentation, telecommunication, fire and gas, cabling, including fiber optical cables, calibration and installation of devices, equipment and others;
  • installation of HVAC systems, including air ducts of all sections, and other special-purpose equipment, etc.