291/1, Tole bi str., 050031,
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Finished products

  • Street light fabrication for Company needs
  • All-seasons packaged modular 500 kWa diesel electric station
  • Benches and ash-bins with Company logo
  • Packaged modular boiler house fabrication
  • Packaged modular boiler house put into operation
  • Fabrication of horizontal 16, 25, 32 and 50 cubic meter tanks
  • Process control panel
  • Shaped products (clamps for fenceposts)
  • Decorative fixtures of private cottage’s ventilation shaft and chimney
  • Galvanized gate door
  • Garden arch (private order)
  • Packaged modular building fabrication process: dormitories for 130 people and Administration office for 70 people
  • Packaged modular building of dormitory for 130 people put into operation
  • Packaged modular building of Administration office for 70 people put into operation
  • Block-modular pump station
  • Private order
  • Production stainless steel tables and shelves for kitchens of public catering facilities
  • Fabrication of big -diameter pipes
  • Fabrication of street lights
  • Fabrication of posts and trusses for pipeline motorroad crossing
  • Fabrication of metal goods on orders placed by private persons