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Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Human resources management

Company “Montazhspetsstroy” has powerful production and administrative capabilities for execution of installation and special construction works at the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. Highly qualified technicians and engineers and Company’s personnel allow to use advanced technologies and the latest achievements in Construction.

Human resources policy is based on mainstreams and approaches to Human Recourses management in order to perform mission and strategic objectives of Company - to be the best Company in its field among Companies involved in participation in  innovative projects related  to economical development of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Objective of Human Recourses policy is ensuring optimal balance between renewal and preservation of manpower as well as personnel quality in accordance with public needs, requirements of existing legislation and conditions of labor market.

Basic trends of Human resources policy of JS Company “Montazhspetsstroy” are:

  • involvement of highly  qualified specialists, tendency for long-term cooperation;  
  • personnel arrangement in view of professional competence and practical achievements;
  • ensuring personnel’s professional advancement and self development;
  • professionals’ skills and experience in combination with energy and good ambitions of young people;
  • interconnection of interests and objectives of each employee with interests and objectives of Company;
  • motivation and incentives for personnel according to services and achieved results of activity.