291/1, Tole bi str., 050031,
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Teambuilding MSS

In celebration of professional day “Construction Workers’ Day” held on August 11, 2018 MSS Company arranged a corporate teambuilding in Kaskelenskoye Gorge located in Karassai district of Almaty oblast.
The teambuilding encompassed both outside activities and team entertainment in sporting contest for the employees of JS Company Montazhspetsstroy. Winners and participants have been awarded with valuable prizes.
Furthermore, based on the results of MSS internal sports event by the following categories: ping-pong, weight lifting, rope pulling, billiard, checkers that have been arranged within the territory of the Company’s production base, the winners have been awarded with the certificates of appreciation, medals and cash incentives. In addition, the most notable employees of the Company have been awarded with the recognition letters and certificates of honour issued by the Ministry of Investments and Development of Republic of Kazakhstan.
It should be noted that Kazakhstan Builders Association awarded the Company President, Mr. Nazarov T.K. with the industrial badge of honour “Dankty kurylysshi” for particular contribution to development of architectural and construction activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
MSS Company is at all times keenly focused on the development and enhancement of partnering and team relationship among all employees as our current technically challenging projects require team spirit and mutual supportiveness. Congratulations to all RoK Builders!